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What to expect during the CDOIQ Symposium: Join theCUBE July 16 to 17

There’s an ongoing revolution when it comes to data, and it’s become clear in recent months that data is increasingly driving infrastructure architecture. But there are still plenty of questions to answer on that point, including what’s going to enable that trend moving forward.

That will be one area of focus during the upcoming CDOIQ Symposium, scheduled to take place on July 16 and 17 in Cambridge. Infrastructure is where it’s at, but everything is stuck in the enterprise right now, according to theCUBE Research Executive Analyst John Furrier.

“The infrastructure’s not there yet. The data silos and the data estates are holding back,” Furrier said during a recent episode of theCUBE podcast.

The opportunities and challenges of the data revolution will be explored by theCUBE analysts during our exclusive coverage of the CDOIQ Symposium, from July 16 to 17. TheCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, will be at the event — which has been historically associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — to interview top executives and industry experts for in-depth analysis.

CDOIQ Symposium to examine role of CDOs amid data revolution

The Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium is entering its 18th year, with a goal of advancing the adoption of the CDO role globally. Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2026, chief data and analytics officers who become trusted advisors to chief financial officers will elevate data and analytics to strategic growth drivers.

In addition to what’s enabling the data revolution, the CDOIQ Symposium is likely to cast light on the evolving role of a CDO. Modern demands for data-hungry generative AI products is changing the landscape.

“The power of AI and the increasing importance of gen AI are changing the way people work, teams collaborate and processes operate,” said Ramke Ramakrishnan, vice president of Gartner Inc., in a recent news release. “Amidst this technological revolution, organizations that fail to make the transition and effectively leverage data and analytics, in general, and AI, in particular, will not be successful.”

Throughout 2024, the phrase “AI everywhere” has transformed data management. It has prompted a rethink when it comes to strategy around infrastructure, data management and application development.

“You really can’t have good AI without good data,” Vellante said, during the “Supercloud 6: AI Innovators” event. “There’s not only a transformation going from AI, but there’s a data transformation going on where everybody’s kind of trying to put data at the core of their business because it’s an enabler for quality AI.”

During the CDOIQ Symposium, theCUBE analysts will discuss noteworthy use cases on data management methods, analytics capabilities to support ROI, scaling challenges, and domain-specific trends for gen AI tools and products. TheCUBE will provide full coverage of the event and discuss how companies can meet modern demand for the data-hungry world of enterprise AI. You can follow theCUBE’s wall-to-wall coverage for firsthand insights.

TheCUBE event livestream

Don’t miss theCUBE’s exclusive coverage of the CDOIQ Symposium event on July 16 and 17.

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During the CDOIQ Symposium event, theCUBE analysts will talk with thought leaders about what comes next in the data revolution.

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