Dave Vellante and John Furrier discuss the ongoing reaction to the Broadcom VMware acquisition on the latest episode of theCUBE Podcast on June 21, 2024.AI play_arrow

    On theCUBE Pod: The ongoing reaction to the Broadcom VMware acquisition and Nvidia’s unbelievable growth

    There has been plenty of analysis around how VMware Inc. customers might respond in the wake of Broadcom Inc.’s $61 billion acquisition of the company. The continued unfolding reaction to the Broadcom VMware acquisition was one of the subjects of conversation for theCUBE Research industry analysts John Furrier and Dave Vellante to ...

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      As customers try to “get artificial intelligence right,” the need to rationalize siloed data becomes increasingly important. Data practitioners could put all their data eggs into a single platform basket, but that’s proving impractical. As such, firms are moving to an open model where they maintain control of their data ...

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